The Settlements “Towns” of Eleuthera

Below is a brief description on the settlements that make up the Island of Eleuthera.


Known for its cut called, the Current Cut, tidal changes cause a large amount of water to flow through a narrow passage at very swift speeds.

The Bluff

Upper Bogue

Lower Bogue

Gregory Town

Home of the famous Pineapple Festival, this settlement is know for the sweet pineapples cultivated in its rich red soil. The waves on Surfer’s Beach are a surfing paradise. This is a quaint community on the water.

Hatchet Bay

The home of the famous Hatchet Bay Caves and Sweeting’s Pond, this settlement is know for its secure harbor and bay. It was also home to the Hatchet Bay Farms.

James Cistern

This small, quiet community is nestled on the waterfront. Fresh seafood is never hard to find in this settlement. It is also the location for Camp Symonette, a popular Summer Camp that children attend from all over the Bahamas.

Governor’s Harbor

The capital of Eleuthera, Governor’s Harbor sits in the middle of the Island. The Central Government and Administration can be found in this town. It is also home to the Haynes Library and the Wesley Methodist Church, two important pieces of the island’s history.

Palmetto Point

This settlement is skirted by beaches to the North and South. It was known for its farming and fishing practices in the 80s.

Savannah Sound

This small settlement just south of Palmetto Point can easily be missed if one was not careful. Windermere Island can be seen from less than a mile away on the North Side of the Settlement. It is home to one of the island’s best bone fishing flats.

Tarpum Bay

A picturesque fishing town on the South side, Tarpum Bay is known for its daily “fresh” catch availability. Fresh conch salad can also be found almost any day of the week in this settlement.

Rock Sound

The home of Eleuthera Adventure Tours, Rock Sound has many historical attributes associated with its settlement. It is the home of the South Eleuthera Mission, a recently restored 19th century Methodist Mission, which is now a museum and library dedicated to the people in the community. The famous, bottomless Ocean Hole can also be found in this settlement along with exploration cave sites.

Green Castle

This settlement is just south of Wemyss Bight.

Wemyss Bight

Home to the world famous Cotton Bay Club, this small settlement has its history built on the many famous people that passed through the Club during the thriving days.

Cape Eleuthera

A private residence community with an exclusive harbor and marina.

Deep Creek

This settlement is home to the Cape Eleuthera Institute and the Island School. The two institutions provide tremendous research and development information for the Island and the entire Bahamas’ maritime environment.


Bannerman Town

The very last settlement on the Southern end of the island. It is home to Lighthouse Beach, one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches on the Island

Additional Islands around Eleuthera

Current Island

Harbor Island

Spanish Wells