About Eleuthera Adventure Tours Ltd.!

Eleuthera Adventure Tours is a full service Tour Company located on the Island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Our company’s focus is on the delivery of an exceptional, authentic Eleuthera experience during your visit with us. Our Family of trained hosts, drivers, food and beverage providers, entertainers and other professionals work together to ensure that your visit is unforgettable as it is our goal to leave you with a desire to return.

Eleuthera Adventure Tours Ltd, a tour company located in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, was formed at the end of 2008 to provide an island tour for cruise passengers visiting at the Princess Cays port of call. The Company partners with Princess Cruises to provide an on-shore excursion as a part of the Princess Cruises Adventures Ashore program. The tour is offered to cruise passengers visiting Princess Cays, the cruiseliner’s exclusive port of call at South Eleuthera, Bahamas. The tour incorporates the Princess Cruises tour operator criteria of; Quality, Variety, Service, Safety and Value.

As a result of our company’s involvement, cruise passengers that did not venture outside of the Princess Cays location are now introduced to an exceptionally authentic, island experience while visiting Eleuthera, Bahamas. For many residents and visitors alike, the island of Eleuthera truly represents a symbol of hospitality; it is also the island where the sweetest pineapples grow.

During our tour, you will learn some of our island’s history including information on the original inhabitants, the Lucayan Indians and the freedom seekers called “the Eleutheran Adventurers”. You will also see how the island got to be called “Eleuthera” and visit some remnants of our past, as you tour historic sites of interest in South Eleuthera. You will experience some of our culture such as the pulsating sounds and vibrant colours of our native festival, “Junkanoo”. You will taste island flavours like our world famous conch salad and refreshing coconut water. You will vicariously live our way of life: see where and how we live; where our children learn and play; and where we worship. You will hear of our heritage and folklore: discover our “bush medicine” cures; and listen with intrigue to our tales of old. At the end of the tour, you will become an Eleutheran Adventurer Ashore. And who knows…maybe you will fall in love with our island home and decide to make it your own?